Yes! I can help you with that. And there are discounts for orders placed in quantities of 10 or more.
Here is a list of the information I will need from you in order to help you place that order:

Name (required)

The name of the person you are shipping to. This should be in the order of first name and then last name.

Company (optional)

Some people may want their orders shipped to their business address. When this is the case including a business name will help the postal carrier find the appropriate business within a multi-tenant building.

Address Line 1 (required)

This is the street address the package should be delivered to.

Address Line 2 (optional)

This line can provide additional information, such as a building within a campus, and apartment number, etc.

City (required)

The name of the city where this package will be delivered to.

State (required)

The name of the state or province this package will be delivered to. Some countries have no state or provinces. In these cases simply enter “No State”. In the U.S. you must use a two-letter state code.

Postal Code (required)

In the United States this is called a Zip Code. For all U.S. based addresses this must take the form of either 00000-0000 or 00000. Postal codes in other countries vary to that locale and are unverified by our system. Be sure to get it correct to ensure delivery.

Country (required)

The two-letter country code for the country the package should be delivered to.

Phone Number (required)

The phone number of the customer. If you do not have the customer’s phone number, then enter your own phone number. This may be used in the event that the postal carrier has trouble delivering the package.

Shipping Email (optional)

Optional. Specify a new email address to notify when this order has shipped.

Shipping Notes (optional)

This is a little note that will get passed along to The Game Crafter staff.

Quantity of Games You Would Like Ordered

Obviously, if I don’t know how many, I can’t help you place the order.

Method of Payment

You will have to pay me directly in order for me to be able to place a bulk order and give you your respective discount, as all orders must be turned in simultaneously. Please submit this information in an email and I will submit an invoice to you so that you can pay me for the cards. I will let you know shipping charges as soon as you notify me of the quantity. You can pay me by check, by the cards will not be ordered until the check clears the bank.