The hardest part about being an author is finding ways to increase your income without having to increase the amount of writing or work you do to get it. The Write Words offers a simple solution to that problem.

Partnering With The Write Words

As a partner of The Write Words, I will help you comb through your book(s) to create customized characters, actions, objects, settings, and events based on your book. The front packaging will be designed in such a way as to match the front cover of your book so that it is recognizably yours, and your name will be included. Expansion packs can be tailored to your book as well, and to any future books, ensuring that you will have a continuing stream of new products to offer your customers.

If You Are Traditionally Published

All I need from you is the name of your publishing house and the contact person for your books. I will take care of contacting them to let them know you are interested and will work directly with them to get the game produced.

If You Are Independently Published

We will work directly together on this project and profits will be split evenly between the two of us.

Two Options

Partnership can be in the form of a license to adapt the game for your needs for $25,000 or in a split on profits from the sales with a $2500 per starter deck and $750 per expansion pack. Starter packs include 50 cards plus rules for solo and group play, expansion packs include 15 cards and can be done as either a mix of characters, objects, settings, actions, and events or as a single subject package.

Recommended Use

There are many ways to use The Write Words card game. They can be sold individually as point-of-sale items in a store or they can be bundled with your books and sold as a gift pack. You can use them as giveaways or prizes to promote an upcoming book, or as a way to reuse the content of a book that hasn’t been selling as well as you would like. These games are awesome to include with journals and workbooks at workshops, talks, or events you might be hosting.