Characters are the focal point of any story. They allow the person who is listening, watching, or reading the story to connect with the action. We empathize with them, love them, and ultimately experience the story through them. What happens to them feels as if it were happening to us.

That’s why you must have at least one character before you can start telling your story, and the rules of The Write Words reflect that. If you’ve played 10 cards but you still haven’t found a character, the story isn’t ready yet. Keep going.

The Write Words offers plenty of characters to choose from, too. Each starter deck comes with 10 characters that are unique: a dying widow, a cunning wolf, a famous magician, a trapeze artist, a young girl, a concerned mother, a brave lumberjack, a circus clown, a mysterious stranger, and a fortune teller. Additional characters will be added as expansion packs are created.

Character descriptions are generic enough that you can build any number of different stories with them, but specific enough to be able to help everyone visualize the action. It’s a fast, easy way to get your writing jumpstarted or just a fun way to pass the time either alone or with friends.

For a fun party idea, draw a different character card for each person attending. Instruct them to arrive in the costume of the character they’ve chosen. Put together a box of props that matches the objects cards in your deck and hand them out as your guests arrive. Then, sit down and play The Write Words with your guests. There are so many different ways to use these character cardsĀ at home, in classrooms, and in

There are so many different ways to use these character cardsĀ at home, in classrooms, and in social settings. Put your imagination to use and there’s no end to the possibilities.

Want more characters? Send your suggestions to brandy at 40daywriter dot com with a subject line of Write Words Characters. Rules for characters: They must fit the three word template (a/an adjective noun).

Are you a writer who would like to discuss making additional money from your books? Partner with me on creating an expansion deck that is unique to your story. We’ll split the royalties and tap into the audience you’ve already built to create a product that is unique to your brand. Just send me an email with Write Words Author Partnership as the subject line. I will even help you comb through your story looking for a unique angle we can use and help you develop a launch plan.

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