Settings are where the action takes place in a story. They act as the anchor to the events taking place. The simple act of adding a setting grounds the action and makes everything about the story feel more real.

The game begins with ten settings: a furnished room, a sunny meadow, a cozy cabin, in a valley, a forest path, by the tracks, a tidy parlor, near a lake, a circus tent, and a small house. Settings can be combined to add more details. For instance, a furnished room in a cozy cabin or a circus tent in a valley near a lake. They can also be kept separate and used independently of one another. It all depends on what makes the story come to life for you. You can reuse settings as well so that there can be two circus tents – one by the tracks and one along a forest path. It is all up to your imagination.

As with all of our cards, additional settings will be added through expansion packs. If you would like to suggest additional settings (following our formula – no more than three words), send your suggestions in an email to brandy at 40daywriter dot com subject: The Write Words Settings. I will be happy to review your suggestions. I make no promises that I will use them. If I do use them, I will gladly give you credit as the source.


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